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European Colour is an investment company focused on speciality materials.  Its roots go back into the mid-1800s.  The current product focus is organic pigments, serving artist's colours; paint; plastics; printing inks, particularly for packaging; and textile printing.  Past investments have been in coatings, functional lubricants, and industrial processing aids. Our future depends on our ability to develop new products to meet the changing needs of customers wherever they are.


The focus has been the winding down of the organic pigment businesses.  The two operating sites in England, Stockport and London Woolwich, are closed and the operating company, European Colour (Pigments) is closed.  EC Pigments USA Inc ceased operations in 31 October 2013 and the winding-down process is nearing completion.  The sale of the Fall River, MA USA site is pending.  

No new investment will be undertaken until these important tasks are completed.


The future will continue the specialisation in speciality functional materials.  The profile is businesses that are know-how based and driven, moderate to low capital intensity, and are in a phase of evolution.  Businesses that fit this profile will be small businesses primarily based in developed economies.  The emphasis on safe, responsible, ethically sound activities will continue to feature in all operations.


The shares of European Colour  plc were delisted from the London Stock Exchange on 10 November  2006.  European Colour was converted from a PLC to a Limited company on 1 September 2010.  As the shares are no longer listed on any exchange, the company will make its best endeavours to match willing sellers with willing sellers.  Pricing is as agreed between the buyer and seller.

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